Lindsey and Brady

Lindsey and Brady
Wow we make cute kids
Sorry it has taken me so long to up date I have alot going on or I have been reading my books and hadn't wanted to do anything else. Enjoy
I'm going to try and remember all the girls name but don't know all of them so from the left we have Aspen then Bailey then not sure and then Karen not sure where the other girls are they had a great time with there glitter toes and decorating cookies
For her Birthday I had a glitter toes party Shantel was so great with all the girls

Lindsey 9th birthday I can not believe she is that old I miss holding her in my arms

So spoiled

Ooooh yhea

This is Brady after he had most of his teeth polled out he is so cute

Singing for Santa to come
This is the parents of cute little Aspen do not know where she got her looks form

I think he is thinking way to hard
Santa pic for the year
Can't help it she is way to cute to not post her pic this was after the pinata had been broken
Sooo cute
Little Aspen not to sure of Brent holding her

Golf clubs thanks grandma and grandpa
Bitter Beer face love that man

A very Brady Christmas

Crazy Draper Christmas
Jd with his gps
Mitchell Brooklynn and Heather at the Batty Christmas party
New Years eve party
The gang at new years all but Terry who was taking our pic

Funny story about Linds and her pink face she got some makeup for Christmas and she thought that it went all over her face instead of just her cheeks she called me crying that the stuff would not come off her face when I got home we washed it and came right off

Brady and baby Ella the day we got her
Lindsey and Ella
My mom makes me laugh she is the best mom ever and the cut little dog is Ella our new dog she is lots bigger know this was at my moms birthday in January

Linds taking pics of her self

This year in Vegas we staid at Excalibur it was so nice but the race sucked this year

So Brent and I bought passes to go down by the pits this year so we got to see allot of the drivers after practice. I have learned that Jeff Gorden is a very good guy he walked down the fence line and signed everybody stuff everyone else walked by
Danica Patrick

Linds and Brady in their Easter outfits.
Lindsey and Aspen they are the cutest girls
Easter egg hunt is over my cute son and mom and uncle Scott

For spring break we went to St. George and to Las Vegas Lindsey and Brady had never been there before I think they had a lot of fun.. Gilligan here and Lindsey at the Coke store

Josh is a dork and had to have his pic taken with Elvis. For those that don't know Josh he is the one marring my sister. He is a great guy and is good to my sis

Lindsey and Brady in front of New York New York

Not the best pic but had to put it on the blog, my friend Tracy and I went to Doughtry concert we had so much fun way good concert to

Lindsey loves to have her picture taken and Brady was being a cry baby for unknown reasons.
We are at the Temple grounds. It is so beautiful there
My sister Mindy is getting married in August but a few weeks ago she went and took out her
endowments to go through the temple.. Congrats to her.And she is crying in this pic I gave her something to remember her day.

Brent has been busy putting in the fence on the other side of our property. Its about time we have lived there for 9 years. It looks so nice to finnly have done



Blake and Linds

Blake and Linds

Grandpa and Linds

Grandpa and Linds

Baby Aspen

Baby Aspen
Baby Aspen sooo cute

Fisher girl

Fisher girl
Poppy and my fisher girl

My Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary dinner

Brady's first day of kindergarden

Lindsey's first day of school

Leslie's mix